What to get your Boyfriend for Valentines Day

Saint Valentine’s Day or just simply Valentine’s Day is a universal occasion with a big history behind it. It is a day of love where you endorse your love with all your loved ones by giving them special gifts. It is particularly a very special day for couples in a relationship. There is something really special about the atmosphere that day anywhere you go out. You will begin noticing the fever of Valentine’s Day as soon as the month of February starts each year.
This atmosphere reminds you to be agile and think of some really special gift for your boyfriend. The gift should be packed with lots and lots of love which really inspires him to believe your true love.
If you are looking to get a gift that is not ordinary but still find no options and ideas about what you can gift this time then you must consider going through our selected list of gift items. You will get clear about what you can get depending upon your budget as well as what could be the best for his personality and interest. There are number of useful items that are also cute and unique at the same time. You would not regret to select an item from the given list and will definitely get a perfect match for your boyfriend.

Set aside a budget well before the Day and start your gift hunt as soon as possible as the best things in the market are not known to last for a longtime during the Valentines season.

Gift ideas for your Boyfriend on the Valentine’s Day:

The following is a list of some of the top gift ideas that you can think of for your boyfriend on the Valentine’s Day:

Accessories for Men:
• Men’s Sterling Silver Diamond Ring


Mens Sterling Silver, Mystic Fire Topaz, and Diamond Ring

– A ring surely is the best gift to express your love and affection with your boyfriend. It is an elegant ring with a Topaz stone carved in the middle of the ring. It is a diamond accented .925 Sterling Silver ring. The uniqueness of this ring is that it reflects several different colors when seen from different angles. It would be a great gift on a valentine’s day. He would definitely love to have it from you.

• Michael Kors Men’s Watch


Dapper is the word which will truly define the stylishness of this excellent watch for men. It has a rubber strap which is innovative, stylish and comfortable at the same time. It has a stainless steel built with Japanese Quartz movement. Further, the watch is also water resistant up to 100 feet. It’s a beautiful gift item that is stylish and classy in its look and usage. You can confidently get this item as a gift to your boyfriend on this Valentine’s Day.

• Bellroy Leather Wallet for Men


It is a slim and sleek men’s wallet which is highly preferred by men for its quick access to the card slots. It is made up of leather and has a hidden bill section for keeping your discrete bills. The feel of the vegetable cow leather make it the best choice for men in the wallet’s section.

• Standard Diary Daily Journal


One of the most epic gifts that you can think for your boyfriend right at the start of the year 2015. It will give him the power and the space to plan and record his next 2 months with style and ease. It is printed in red and black ink which is a really nice combination for making the diary look attractive.

For Gym/ Sport Lovers

• Polo Ralph Lauren Casual shoes

These comfortable casual shoes are made up of cotton/ suede. They have a synthetic sole which guarantees your comfort without compromising style. Further, the shoes also have a heel bumper along with a heavy toe to make it extra durable. These could be a wonderful gift for energetic guys who love to jog, run and exercise regularly.
• Haiku Gym Bag

It can be a really productive and a stylish gift for him if he is a gym enthusiast and loves to carry his gym kit all the time. The bag is made up of recycled polyester. Other than keeping your gym kit and towel, the bag can also store your bottles and all sorts of drinks that you want to carry to the gym. It has a total of 8 pockets with the large main zipped compartment.
• Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt

Many men today are deeply involved in abs making. It is a unisex abdominal muscle toning belt which will help you to get rid of your abs fats quick and get the much desired 6-pack out. The belt is made up of Nylon and it is clinically tested for its effectiveness to shape up abdominal muscles. It has 99 resistance levels with a small LCD for audio and visual display.
• Pull up bar Gorilla Gym

The Gorilla Gym manufacturer rightly calls it the next generation gym bar suitable for multiple exercises. The plug and play attachment components of the unit make it very easy to install and use at home. The bar is strong enough to support weight up to 300 pounds. If your boyfriend has a keen interest in gym equipments and has a zest for fitness activities then you can give this pull up bar to him and he will be excited to have it at home.
• Optimum Nutrition Pre workout supplement

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Rich ChocolateIt is a must to have thing for the gym enthusiast who are lean and slim. They need such supplements to gain somebody mass soon and to effectively tone their muscles. It is a chocolate flavored whey protein which comes in a huge 5pound tub. It can be mixed easily with a spoon and 5 gram of powder should be used in each servings once or maximum twice a day.

For trendy and Fashion Conscious Guys:

• RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses

RayBan name in the sunglasses industry doesn’t need any introduction. The brand speaks itself about its products and these pair of sunglasses is absolutely elegant with its acetate frame which is made up of durable plastic. The lens of the glasses is made up of crystal which is non polarized.
• Jacket Hoodie for Men

It is a stylish casual jacket hoodie. The fabric of the jacket is made up of cotton and fleece which will keep the bearer extremely warm and cozy in chilled weather. The hoodie is available in green or red colors where both of the colors have their own special charm. It is highly preferred for everyday use. This hoodie would be a great gift for this winter and you should not hesitate to buy this one for your guy this valentine’s day.
• Clarks Bushacre Desert Boots

It is made up of fabricated manmade material and they are equally preferable for casual and formal use. Its comfort and durability makes it a very successful shoes and the best option for men. You will rarely see boots with pure leather sole and this is just one of them. Another great thing is that the boots are available in a variety of funky colors to choose from.
• Georgio Armani Mania for Men

Georgio Armani is a highly trusted brand for all its products. This perfume for men by Georgio Armani was introduced in 2002 and it is still as popular as it was at the time when it as introduced. The fragrance notes in this perfume are cedar, amber and mossy etc which works together to produce a very strong and a long lasting masculine scent. It’s a great gift for guys who love to smell fabulous among others and stand at the top as being stylish.
• Calvin Klein Straight Leg Jean

– One of the best jeans from the top brand of the world. The jean is available in the traditional/ original blue color for the jean. It is made up of 98% cotton and 2 Elastane. It looks rigid and rough but it is very comfortable and stylish to try with a variety of shirts. It has a button closure which is also a plus point in the convenience of wearing this jean for men.
• Men’s light weight quilted jacket/shirt

It is a fabulous looking, stylish quilted shirt that looks more like jacket. It comes in an extremely classy design that makes the wearer cool and stylish. The shirt is being manufactured with high quality fabric and comes in three different colors. The shirt has a very sturdy fabric and it can easily be washed when needed. You can choose from the given colors to match your boyfriend’s taste. It would be a great gift for a valentine’s day as well as for winters.

For Home Lovers:

• Garden Cottage Cuckoo Clock

–Cuckoo clocks are always a great thing to have it installed in your sitting or living rooms. They are iconic, classic, timeless and stylish at the same time. This garden style cuckoo clock comes with a light sensor which can deactivate the bird song that is played every hour. The outstanding fine details and the craftsmanship really make it worth its price. It would be good addition to his home.
• Hand Painted Framed wall Painting

– It is a magnificent piece of art which only the true lovers of Art will understand. It is a 100 percent hand painted piece of art which is painted by professional artists using oil colors. It is framed and ready to hand anywhere on the wall in your home. It will be great art piece for his home and will add beauty in the home décor .
• 3 piece glass Table set

This 3 piece glass table set would really add to the charm and elegance of your house. It is of round shape which is a very innovative style in the center table category used at home. It has a wooden base made from high quality timber. The table is very easy to install. The one bigger unit can be placed in the center while the other two smaller one would look good near the sides of the room.

• Double Hammock with Steel Stand

– People love to have this at home for enjoying a nice and a relaxing in their garden or backyard. It is a durable and a space saving equipment with a heavy duty steel stand. You can carry it along anywhere as it comes with a carrying case as well for easy portability.

Other gifts

• 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit

– There is an old Chinese saying that fish aquarium at home brings good luck. It is a glass aquarium kit with a 5 gallon capacity. It comes with everything you need to have a comfortable setting up experience at home. It will be a great gift for your boyfriend if he loves to have some interior décor items. It will definitely add value to his house.

• Coat Rack Stand

– it is a fabulous and a very useful stand to have just next to your main door. This coat rack stand has a very unique natural style. It has multiple hooks to accommodate several coats and jackets at a time. A coat rack stand is also a best for home loving boys where they need everything perfect and organized.
• Shaving Gift set

Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor, Bowl, Shaving Soap, Badger Brush, Stand and Safety Razor, Great Gift Idea for Father Husband or Boyfriend

– This gift set has got everything that your boyfriend needs to look after his shaving needs. All 5 pieces included in the set are chrome plated and the shaving razor with a long handle makes shaving very convenient. It’s a best gift for boys who need a perfect shaving kit for their daily use and they will get all what they need in a single kit.

• Suncast Dog House

– If your boyfriend has a pet dog then this one can be a much useful gift for your boyfriend. This dog house can accommodate dogs up to 70 pounds. The dog has a vinyl door with a comfortable crowned floor. It would be great gift if your boyfriend has a great love for his pet and he would prefer to have an item for his dog and will feel special because you know what he loves the most.

• Black Leather Adjustable Bar stools

– It is a set of 2 bar stools with a comfortable and a unique design. The stools can be rotated 360 degrees and it is easily adjustable as well in terms of its height. For home lovers who love to have home accessories that are latest in design and are stylish it would be a great item to be given on a special day just like Valentine’s Day. Feel confident to present you home loving boyfriend on this occasion.
• Electric Heated Mattress Pad

– Nothing can beat the importance and relevance of this gift in the winters. It is a low- voltage electronically heated bed base or a mattress pad to give you a great user experience in winters. It’s a great winter gift for anyone in this cold season. You will definitely get a” wow” from him when you give it to your boy friend.

• Tom Tom GPS Navigator

– It is the latest Tom Tom GPS navigator with all the traffic and map updates for the lifetime. It gives roadside assistance to the driver and also gives advance lane guidance. It’s a fabulous little tech gift for anyone who has a habit of being on the go most of time. This little gadget will help him find ways whenever he needs and it will help him to remember about you while using it.

• Dolce and Gabbana Gift Set for Men

It is a very safe and excellent choice for gift to your boyfriend. This Dolce and Gabbana gift set has a 3.3 ounce perfume spray bottle, after shave balm and shower gel. It’s a great multipurpose gift set for men who need a quality kit for their daily use. It has high quality cosmetic items and would definitely show your love to him.

• Invicta Watch Set for Men

– It is an elegant Swiss Quartz movement watch with a durable stainless steel case. It has a date function and the watch is water resistant as well. The watch set comes with 2 additional straps to give you more options. This watch will be long lasting gift for your boyfriend and will be reflecting your deep love for him that will be remembered for whole life. It’s stylish, elegant and durable and could be a great choice as a valentine’s gift.

• LED Desk Lamp

– It is a very high rated LED desk lamp by Tao Tronics and it is also officially licensed by Philips. The lamp has 5 distinct levels of brightness along with 4 different lighting modes according to your mood. It’s a great utility for anyone who needs a desk lamp. It will help lower energy needs and will also be serving him to enjoy different light levels depending upon his needs.

• Mid Back Mesh Computer Chair

– Comfort is of essence when you need to spend hours in front of computer and this Mid Back Computer Chair will give you just that. It has padded mesh seat with nylon arm rests for providing utmost comfort to the bearer. If your boyfriend has a habit of sitting on a computer chair for long time then it must be a great sitting accessory for him. It will help him feel relaxed and comfortable while spending time and working or playing on his computer.

• 4 Bristle Dartboard

– Men do enjoy such skillful games to play at home. It is a professional level dartboard with high tensile steel wiring. Further, the triangular wiring of the board gives player a better target hitting potential. A dart board is a cute , little but really interesting item as a gift for your boyfriend and he will love to have it as a gift on this special day.

• LG Sprint phone

A cell phone is an evergreen gift idea and you can gift your boyfriend this stylish looking LG sprint phone on this special day. It has a sleek design and a larger display option. It’s the latest version and ready make your friend say “wow”. So don’t forget to get this one for him this Valentine’s Day.


The Valentine’s Day or the 14th February should be marked clearly on your calendar. If you have a boyfriend, then show him your love and care by giving him a nice gift apt to the occasion. Though all of us know that deciding about any gift for a special occasion just like Valentine’s Day, for a loved one is huge deal for anyone. It can take up lots of time and effort if you have no idea about what you should be giving to your loved one on this day. There should be a clear vision in your mind about what you need to give, what your budget is and how you want to express your feeling to your boyfriend in a very unique and special way. Either you want to show him how you know him as a person, what his interest are and what is the most loving activity in his life that he enjoys the most.
Keeping all these things in mind you will be in a better place to find a perfect gift for him that will not only excite him a lot but also will make your day memorable for your whole life. We have sorted out a great list of shortlisted gift items where you can choose according to your requirements.
You will surely get an excellent gift item in this range as you can also see in the gift ideas above that all the items are within this range. It was an intentional list produced in this price category so that the majority of people could benefit.