Dating advice for L, Wearing Latex, and KY

“So, I think I’m ready for this,” L said.

J brought out a bottle of champagne from our mini-fridge, popped it open, and poured it into three KKG painted wine glasses.  I watched the bubbles through the pink and blue letters and felt like I’d finally arrived.

“Should I wear underwear?” L said.

“Never.  Especially on a date like this,” J said.

L raised her eyebrows.

“I’d listen to her.  There’s probably not much you can wear with latex anyway.  Plus, if your plan is to seduce a guy, it’s always nice to have the no underwear thing, in case you want to use it,” I said.

“What do you mean?” L said.

“Well, for one, going commando gives you the element of surprise.  When a guy figures it out, it totally throws him off his game, and there’s nothing sexier than that.  No underwear is a happy surprise.  No guy is ever going to feel sad about finding that one.  Plus, it makes you just edgy enough, without being too over the top,” J said.  “It’s not like you announce it or anything.”

“Exactly.  You have to let him find it on his own.  It will always happen eventually, given enough time.  And usually when it does happen, if there were any doubt before, it’s game on.  And, you’re the winner,” I said.

“I love you guys.  So, no underwear on dates.  Got it.  Give me some more,” L said.

“Alright, I have one caveat to that rule.  If you’re going to a boring dinner, a talk, or anything else you think you might want to get out of, make sure you wear a lacy thong or a g-string.  Then, if the night starts to grow unbearable, excuse yourself to the bathroom, take it off, take a sexy selfie, and give him both.  Just stick the thong in his pocket and tell him not to pull it out, but to try to guess what it is, and if he’s having any trouble tell him to check his phone,” I said.  “The very idea of your underwear in his pocket will usually be enough to distract him, guaranteeing you’ll get to leave within five minutes of delivery, if not sooner.”

“Oh, that’s a good one,” L said.  “I’m so glad you’re my new roommates.  So with the latex and the lube, do I just paint it on?”

“Basically.  Just lube up your body the same way you’d give a hand job.  You want it to slide right on,” J said.  “Here.  Let me show you.”
J stripped down and began dousing her body in something called Liquid Silk.  The she shimmied into her latex body suit.  She looked like a blonde cat woman, only without the tail or the ears.

“Okay, your turn,” J said.

L took the bottle of KY she’d purchased and began rubbing it along her legs and up her body.  It seemed to be almost melting off her, dripping now on to the floor.  L didn’t waste any time moving on to her new nurse’s out fit, hopping up and down, trying to pull the red latex first up over her ass, and then onto her boobs.  I had no idea what she would look like in the end, but it turned out awesome.  The latex hugged every curve, creating an almost cartoon like image.  The only thing she was missing was her doctor’s kit.  I figured Dr. B would have more than enough props to help her out.


I drank down another glass of champagne, enough to get up the courage to put on my own red latex dress.  By the time I’d finished lubing myself up and squeezing into my outfit, the floor in our room had turned into a lube based slip and slide.  L was using a box of Kleenex to try to wipe up the floor.

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